Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here we go...

For the last year I kept telling myself I would start a blog, that I needed to start a blog, that it would be fun to do a blog... Who am I kidding? I had no idea how to do this! Ok, so Chelsea finally set it all up for me, and here I am. :)

I have never been great with a journal. I guess the thousands of pictures I take every year, kind of have served as a journal to me. Not good enough I know, so here I am! Life is quickly passing me by. Jay and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary in Hawaii back in July. We both keep wondering where has the time gone?? Chelsea is almost 18 now - just a little mind blowing to me. Taylor is 15, and counting the months until she gets her permit - another mind blowing thought! And Colton is almost 12, and has figured out that girls are so much better than they used to be (I'm not so happy about this turn of events).

So our life is busy these days, and pretty much revolves around the kids of course. But latley, our lives have revolved around taking care of Jay. He had a pretty radical sleep apnea surgery three weeks ago, and was in the hospital for the entire week. It was hard for the kids to see their dad like that, and it was especially hard to leave him every night, all the way out in Scottsdale. It was bad for the first two weeks, but he is about halfway through his recovery - and finally starting to feel a little better. :)

We are lucky to have a supportive extended family, on both sides!! They have always there when we need them, and I have always been so grateful for this!! Sometimes it's easy to take them for granted, and thats not fair, I know. So I hope to get better about letting them all know how great they are. After spending so much time at the hospital, and seeing other patients all alone with no family support - it really hit home. Family, has been/is/and will always be the most important thing!

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